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Our Story

I’ll be blunt. Polygraph is serious business. It’s not a game or a movie. Polygraph Examinations should only be conducted by Polygraph professionals, skilled in interview, interrogation and the administration of polygraphs. 


We only do one thing. Polygraphs. Our chief examiner has more 30 years of interviewing and polygraph experience. Whatever your need for investigating the use of polygraph, understand this. The truth is of paramount importance. We only use proven techniques, recognized by the federal government, and almost every police agency in America. 

Who We Are

Jack Clark is our Chief Polygraph Examiner, and directly administers or supervises every polygraph we administer. As a Military Police Investigator, Jack learned the importance of thorough interviews and interrogation. Jack Joined the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in 1987, serving as a Field Training Officer in the field, a Detective, and as a Polygraph Examiner. 

Jack has personally administered more than 2500 polygraphs, ranging from pre employment screening to murder investigations. 

We always follow recognized, verifiable procedures in the administration of polygraphs. We use the same techniques most police departments use, and we adhere rigidly to those standards. We use no undocumented techniques that cannot be supported and defended. We are proud members of the American Association of Police Polygraphists 

Our Vision

Our vision is simple. We help our clients determine the ground truth of the matter at hand. We adhere to the highest standards in the polygraph industry. Truth, rather than desired, paid for results is our only objective.  




Training and Expertise 

Our Chief examiner, Jack Clark, studied under Cleve Backster. Mr. Backster is one of the founders of modern polygraph, and founded the Backster School of Lie Detection in San Diego, CA. 

Jack has additional federal training in Asset forfeiture, child exploitation and countermeasure techniques. He has attended five senior examiner courses. Jack also attended the Reid Interview and Interrogation course. 

Mr. Clark has administered more than 2500 polygraphs, ranging from pre-employment to homicide.


You can rest assured we offer complete privacy and confidentiality. Only the client decides how, or if, the test can be released. The results of our tests are secured, and password protected

What We Offer
Polygraph Test

Our Tests

We offer tests for almost any situation. Pre-employment for government, criminal tests, and domestic issues. We offer tests regarding employee theft in accordance with the Employee Polygraph Protection act. 

We administer our criminal polygraph and employment polygraphs tests using the same exacting standards as the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and other major departments use. 

Attorney support in court

Attorney Support

As Officers of the court, attorneys must represent their clients, and plan their court strategy to the best of their ability. Knowing the ground truth of the matter at hand can help guide the attorney in their preparation for court. All of our tests are reviewed with the client, where we determine what information is critical, and what if any interviews will be conducted, as well as a determination of whether a written report will be prepared. 

Focusing on Polygraph

Focused on Polygraph

We don't claim to be a Jack of all trades. We focus our attention and expertise on one thing only. Polygraph. By focusing on polygraph, we know we can provide the best product available. Before hiring a polygraph examiner, ask who will actually be administering the polygraph. What is their real training and experience.



Book of knowledge
Deep Industry Knowledge

We regularly attend training classes presented by federal and state agencies. We attend conventions and seminars that allow us to interact with the top polygraph examiners in the world. These classes and seminars keep us sharp, and insure we have the latest information and equipment. 

Our relationships with the top examiners insures a variety of quality control options. We also review and quality control polygraph charts for other polygraph examiners. 

Years of Experience

With over 30 years of real world law enforcement experience, and two decades of polygraph experience, you can be assured of the highest quality experience with a true professional. 

Beware the Bargain Basement

We do not post our pricing, because all polygraphs are different. We believe our prices are fair based on our experience and expertise. You may well find "cheap" polygraphs offered at bargain prices. We won't do a polygraph in the back of a van. Nor will we show up at a hotel at 2 am to polygraph someone. That is not professional, and does not produce quality results. We insure we have the most optimal conditions and knowledge of the subject and the matter to be resolved. Anything less is a disservice to our client and our profession. 

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